Virtual workshops for educators and parents

Educators and parents play an important role in supporting student success through the effective use of technology in the classroom and at home. By equipping both educators and parents with the foundational skills in using Apple educational tools, we can help promote student engagement and provide rich learning experiences.

Compugen has a resident bilingual digital coach and Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS) available to deliver hands-on workshops for educators and parents in Quebec. These sessions will be held in French and will help you leverage the Apple ecosystem to enrich lesson plans and encourage students through interactive learning.

The virtual sessions you can choose from include: 

1. Drawing with iPad (teachers)
May 31, 2022 - 12h00 - 12h50
Drawing pushes the mind to take a closer look at the world, to seek to understand what things are made of and how they work. Discover drawing tools with iPad thanks to Sketches School. Explore symmetry, shadows, color, and texture, which then enable projects ranging from creative lettering to portraits, logos, and even motion graphics.
2. Celebrate Father's Day with an animated GIF (teachers)
June 9, 2022 - 12h00 - 12h50
Celebrate Father's Day with a unique gift! Use Keynote to animate a looping sequence of images to create an animated GIF. Very popular on the web or in messaging applications, these short animations are used to tell a story, make people laugh and even express an emotion.

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Past Sessions (available in French only)

Digital Books (teachers)

Explore how a digital book can spark the interest of your students and lead to the creation of authentic, interactive and engaging learning experiences. Discover how to use Pages to design your own dynamic books using interactive elements such as audio recordings, video clips, image galleries, and drawings or annotations. 

SOS Parents - iPad Management (parents)

Maximize the use of the iPad and its features with several tips for supporting your child in their learning. 

Animated GIF 

Animate a looping sequence of images, and create an animated GIF with Keynote. Very popular on the web or in messaging applications, these short, often humorous animations are used to tell a story, make people laugh and even express an emotion. 

Classroom Management with Classroom (teachers)

Find out how Classroom makes teaching and learning easier in today's environment. Learn how to share and distribute resources, collaborate and provide real-time feedback to your students, assign specific activities through an app, view your students' progress, and personalize learning to your students' needs.