On-demand training session: Working with Microsoft Teams in Higher Education 
End-User training for instructors

As online and hybrid learning continues, join us for an overview of Microsoft Teams in Higher-Education to maximize the use of Teams with students and staff.

In this free online training, Adrienne Veneziano, our Learning Development Specialist, and expert in Microsoft will show you how educators and students can seamlessly work together, create content, and share resources all from a single, easy-to-learn and simple to use platform in Microsoft Teams.

This FREE on-demand training is available for college & university instructors with access to Microsoft Teams in education. This session covers: 

1. Accessing Teams

2. How to navigate the environment

3. Creating Teams if enabled or customizing your prepopulated Teams if SDS (School Data Sync) us being used

4. How to share content and/or co-author, co-edit files

5. How to connect and collaborate with your students via Teams and Meetings 

6. How to customise the Meeting Experience to benefit all users

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