Blended and remote learning to support all learners 

Free virtual training on affordable, low-cost Windows 10 devices for educators
Education is at its best when teachers and students are engaged and learning together – and technology is a fantastic enabler.  Student success is at the heart of everything you do and having the right tools create a conducive classroom environment. When regular face-to-face teaching and learning isn’t possible, the option to migrate to a blended program allows educators to maintain continuity in their instruction, all the while enriching the experience for all students.   

Compugen is excited to offer K-12 teachers a choice of virtual training sessions on delivering an inclusive blended learning experience through low-cost Windows 10 devices.  Let us know which topic is of interest to you, and we’ll set it up with our Microsoft Learning Consultant.  Each of these sessions is about two hours long and can be customized for you and your students' needs. Please note sessions are available to Canadian educators only.  

The virtual sessions you can choose from include: 

1. Flipgrid: Empower every voice in your class
Flipgrid is where social and emotional learning happens. With Flipgrid, students are enabled to contribute anytime, rehearse and benefit from the accessibility and creativity features built into the application when creating their responses.  

2. Microsoft Forms: When you want feedback 

Microsoft Forms is a simple, lightweight app that lets you easily create surveys, polls and quizzes.  The application allows the educator to see results in real time, whether it is a student check-in via a form or a formative assessment using the quiz option.  

3. Microsoft Teams:  Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning
Teams is an online classroom hub and instruction tool designed with student collaboration in mind. Whether you want to have everyone in class at the same time or allow for asynchronous instruction, Teams makes it easy for students to catch up and be an activate participant of the class – no matter the mode of learning.

4. Reading Progress

Reading Progress is designed to support and track reading fluency in your class. Students read their passages out loud, creating an audio/video recording that is submitted to their teacher whereby teachers can access and review at their convenience. By empowering students to complete their reading fluency tasks regularly and independently, Reading Progress keeps the focus on practice and growth, not performing under pressure.

5. Spark ideas with Sway
Creative thinking is a necessary skill to excel in all academic areas. It is integral to how students express themselves, engage in inquiry, and analyze and solve problems. When students engage in authentic learning that is personal and relevant, they can have a greater understanding of the subject matter.  Sway allows students to create interactive, built-for-the-web canvases for their presentations and reports. 

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