The shift to online and hybrid education models has provided significant benefits over the past year.  How has the pandemic impacted the future of education and how can we work together to ensure student success going forward

We gathered a group of esteemed education strategists to discuss trends in education and the challenges educators like yourself face every day.

Enjoy this insightful discussion about the future of education where we will talk about:

  • Keeping students and teachers secure as they learn and teach from anywhere using affordable Windows 10 NTE devices for education
  • Providing connectivity at home and in schools
  • Addressing equity and accessibility to ensure no student is left behind 
  • Implementing technology vs adopting technology
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Featured Speakers 

Dwayne MatthewsChief Innovation Evangelist and Future of Education Strategist

Dwayne converges and shares knowledge on the  future trends in education, disruptive technology and the evolution of work. Dwayne’s career path over almost two decades has afforded him an incredibly unique perspective on future technologies and its fundamental impact on education and work.

Willa Black
Vice-President, Corporate Affairs at Cisco Canada 

Willa developed and launched Connected North in 2014 - a virtual program that brings youth mental health and wellness services,  and education resources in real time and on-demand to 20,000 students in 100 schools in remote Indigenous communities across Canada via CISCO’s High Definition Telepresence.

Dr. Elka Walsh
National Learning & Skills Lead at Microsoft  

Elka leads Microsoft’s pan-Canadian education and skills strategy to prepare students to thrive in the digital future.  Dr. Walsh has advised provincial and federal governments as well as international organizations on education and skilling strategy and policy for student success.

Matias Matias
Global Education Strategist at HP Inc.

Matias has over 30 years of experience in the technology field.  Through his work, he brings awareness to emerging trends in technology and education,  particularly in regards to the challenges that nations may face in large-scale technology deployments.

Adrienne VenezianoLearning Development Specialist at Compugen

Adrienne is the Learning Development Specialist at Compugen Inc. with a strategic focus on K-12 teaching and learning specifically by empowering students, educators and administrators to achieve more when technology is accessible.